Wayne has put the banks under pressure time and time again. He shone a spotlight on them during and after the Global Financial Crisis, highlighting the injustice of the banks refusing to pass on interest rate cuts to their customers as the they enjoyed record profits. He has staged many protests and raised many issues over the past six years to protect his company, the mortgage broking industry, and consumers and has often used the media to assist in getting these messages out to the public and has featured on programs such as A Current Affair and Today Tonight on numerous occasions to fight for consumer rights. His most memorable and highest profile campaign was helping many families under the threat of eviction and foreclosure by the banks by paying their arrears and getting them back on track. The campaign was a collaborative of Ormond and Today Tonight and ran over three stories and a period of about six months, a campaign Wayne is most proud. These stories and more are contained in the multi media library on this site.

Wayne Ormond Consumer AdvocacyAs with many small businesses and start-ups, the early days were far from easy. The mortgage broking market was tough at the best of times and Wayne Ormond faced up to, and overcame harsh opposition from some of the largest brokers and three of the Big Four banks who resented his intrusion into “their” market – and no doubt recognised the potential of his business concept. CBA in particular were concerned the concept may effect their biggest introducer “Aussie Home Loans” a company the CBA has since all but purchased.

The day Refund was announced proved to be unforgettable. Indeed it looked as though Refund might be a one day wonder. The media release announcing this new mortgage broker and its innovative concept was probably one of the most effective ever written – for all the wrong reasons. Within 24 hours the entire banking and broking industry was baying for Ormond’s blood. Wayne showed his strength of purpose and commitment to his new venture; he stood his ground against odds that would have discouraged many, and threats that could well have put an abrupt end to his ambitions.

He realised the opportunity to capitalise on the situation, to raise awareness and indeed support for his company. He fought back, first by alerting the Federal Minister, whom made a speech in Parliament in support of Refund Home Loans, and features on TV’s current affair programs, he turned what was a negative into a positive by harnessing the power of the media. Wayne understood that Australians didn’t like the big guy, in this the case the banks, rubbing out the little guy, in this case Ormond, a David and Goliath struggle is what the media called it. As a result of Wayne’s demonstrated commitment to his then business, the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) took action against one of the big four banks for their involvement with a similar company and that action and matter is still before the Federal Court.

To this day Wayne still has many people who come to him with stories of unfair treatment and out and out rip-offs by the banks, Real Estate Agents and Developers and even some Financial Planners, where appropriate, Wayne guides and introduces these individuals to his many contacts in the media and the various government agencies to try and bring their story to light, and hopefully get a better outcome.