The Wayne Ormond Story

Wayne Ormond is an Australian Entrepreneur, the former Founder and Executive Chairman of Refund Home Loans, the Current Chief Executive Officer of House Call Doctor, a Board member and Director of NAMDS and a Public Relations and Media Consultant for Adoni Media.

Wayne Ormond’s business expertise is at the top level with more than 20 years’ experience in business, 17 years in senior management positions and 12 as a CEO and then as Executive Chairman of a major national franchisor in the financial services and Real Estate sectors. In his role as Founder and CEO of the highly acclaimed Refund Home Loans, Wayne was recognised as an expert in his field and made no fewer than 30 appearances on high rating national television programs. Wayne also presented the company’s national advertorial campaigns on 3 television networks for 5 years and appeared as the face and spokesperson for the brand and at times the industry in general. Wayne is an exceedingly competent media performer, well recognised from his daily “advertorials”, and his numerous appearances on both Today Tonight and A Current Affair as an Industry expert and as a consumer advocate, the media library on this site contains many examples of his style.

Wayne Ormond has generated more high value, free publicity in Australia than any of his contemporaries. Wayne has shown that real results can be delivered from effective public relations campaigns with his strategy of personally taking brands from a concept into the realm of household names. In doing so, Wayne has a proven track record for brand exposure generating tens of millions of dollars of free publicity across TV, magazines and newspapers by creating a compelling story that makes it easy for journalists to identify. This unique ability has allowed Wayne to build a powerful group of media contacts across all genres.

An avid consumer advocate Wayne Ormond harnessed the power of tabloid news programs to energize his customers and force change in the unmoveable establishment and bring about positive outcomes for consumers by shining a light on unfair bank practices and rip-offs, even being described by A Current Affair as “The Loan Hero”. A master of ambush marketing, Wayne’s strategies and consultative and creative approach to free media campaigns is inspirational. Wayne Ormond has mixed it with the biggest and the best taking on corporate giants and winning.

Wayne Ormond’s companies, gave millions of dollars back in cash refunds to ordinary Australians. He achieved this by sharing up to half of the commission his companies received with the customer, a practice extinct today in the industry. The concept of commission sharing was highly controversial and despised by the industry at large as it disclosed to the borrower the amount of commission brokers were making, something the industry went to great lengths to hide. By the age of 37 Ormond had grown the Refund group into an integrated mortgage broking, real estate and financial planning services company and one of the largest Franchisors in Australia with more than 350 Franchisees spanning all states and territories of Australia.

Wayne has won many awards for entrepreneurship, was listed in the BRW Young Rich list for 4 years, which features the top 100 wealthiest under 40 in Australia. This gave him the opportunity to make many contacts at all senior levels of business and in politics. Wayne’s companies were listed in 12 of the BRW flagship editions which included, Fast starters, Fast 100, and Fast Franchise and for 2 years in a row took the number one spot in this edition.

Wayne Ormond is an outstanding public speaker who is articulate and speaks with conviction and enthusiasm on a many subjects in the business sector, due to his vast experience as a founder and CEO of a start-up, his time at the top and his new found outlook on life after Refund, he remains throughout humble yet inspiring, highly entertaining and informative.